Getting to know the Linksys Aware feature of your Velop

Linksys Aware is being discontinued. Current subscribers can continue to use the service until July 31st 2024. New subscriptions or renewals will no longer be available.


Linksys Aware is a premium subscription service that provides whole-home motion detection for tri-band mesh Wi-Fi systems.  You can set a sensitivity level matching your home and lifestyle, and you can also get notifications when motion meets or exceeds that level.  This will require you to have a tri-band mesh router with the Linksys Aware update and at least one child node with the Linksys Aware update wirelessly connected to it.  You don’t need additional hardware or apps for this.  

How does it work?

Mesh Wi-Fi blankets your home with wireless radio waves.  Linksys Aware can use changes in these waves to determine when things are moving inside your home.  Motion is defined as the intensity and overall magnitude of changes in the radio waves with respect to time.  This feature works best if all nodes in your Wi-Fi are positioned around the midpoint of the vertical height of rooms in your home.

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Linksys Aware Features


  • Monitor motion in your home 
  • Get notifications
  • Schedule motion alerts
  • Customize motion sensitivity
  • Detect motion in real time
  • View historical graph of motion activity
  • Ability to turn the feature ON/OFF
  • Use schedules to get motion alerts only when you want them
  • Snooze notifications to limit the amount you get for a period of time
  • Set to filter out pets
  • Try free 90-days
Product Requirements
  • Linksys Tri-Band mesh router (parent node) with the latest firmware that supports Linksys Aware
  • At least one other Linksys mesh router (child node) wirelessly connected to the mesh Wi-Fi system
  • Linksys app version 2.10.0 or later
  • Linksys server account (login via email address and password)
For more information about Linksys Aware, click here.

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