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Linksys Aware is being discontinued. Current  subscribers can continue to use the service until July 31st 2024. New subscriptions or renewals will no longer be available.


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What is Linksys Aware?
How does motion sensing work?
Can you tell me what caused the motion or filter out sources of motion?
Why should I use Linksys Aware?
What about privacy concerns?
What are the product requirements?
How do I subscribe?


What is Linksys Aware?

Linksys Aware is a premium subscription service that uses a mesh WiFi system and compatible smart home devices to detect motion in your home. Know when people are coming, going, or moving around in your house. Customize your motion sensitivity to filter out pets and neighbors and set schedules to receive motion alerts when you’re away.

Need to see what happened yesterday? We save up to 60 days of history

How does motion sensing work?

Linksys Aware uses your existing mesh WiFi system and compatible smart home devices to detect motion.

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Linksys Aware can tell when motion disrupts WiFi waves. WiFi waves are like water ripples, bounding between the objects in your home. Linksys Aware monitors how long it takes WiFi waves to travel between your mesh network routers and other connected devices. The resulting data defines the motion state in your home. When something moves in that space, it disrupts the WiFi pattern, and Linksys Aware interprets it as motion. When you have just two motion devices working with Linksys Aware, we can only tell you if there is general motion somewhere between them. If you have three or more devices working together, we can give you a better idea of where the moving object is in your home. We do this by applying an algorithm that tells us the likelihood that motion happened or is happening near a specific motion device. Likelihood really comes into play when motion occurs near multiple devices, or when you have multiple people near multiple devices. Linksys Aware will force a decision to determine where motion is most likely to be occurring and report it as motion on the Live view, as well as in the History view (but only if it meets or exceeds the sensitivity setting that you set).  

Linksys Aware also detects the intensity of motion, which is measured by the size of the moving object and the amount of time it moved. This will display on the Live view screen and, depending on the size of the movement, might also register as a motion event. When a motion event occurs, it is recorded in the History view and will trigger a motion alert if you’ve set one up. Motion events can be viewed for 60 days.

Can you tell me what caused the motion or filter out sources of motion?

Because we don’t use cameras to detect motion, we can’t tell you what caused the motion. However, you can adjust your adjust your motion sensitivity level so that we don't report motion from pets or neighbors.

Why should I use Linksys Aware?

You can use Linksys Aware to keep tabs on your home whether you are in the house or away. No expensive and invasive cameras are needed.  

However, Linksys Aware is not meant to be a replacement for a security system because it doesn’t include an alarm monitoring system.

What about privacy concerns?

We value your privacy. That’s why Linksys Aware uses WiFi waves, not cameras or audio recordings, to report motion.

We store your movement patterns securely on our servers so that you can review your History whenever you want to. After 60 days, this data is permanently deleted.

What are the product requirements?

Linksys app requirements


  • Latest version of the Linksys app 
  • Latest iOS or Android™ mobile device
  • A Linksys cloud account login (versus router password)


Hardware requirements


  • For general motion: One mesh router with the latest firmware connected via WiFi to one other motion device (see supported motion devices below)
  • For location-specific motion: One mesh router with the latest firmware connected via WiFi to at least two motion devices (see supported list below)


Supported Linksys Mesh Routers/Nodes


  • A0301
  • A0302
  • A0303
  • WHW0301
  • WHW0301B
  • WHW0302
  • WHW0302B
  • WHW0303
  • WHW0303B


Supported Motion Devices


How do I subscribe?

As long as you have supported routers or nodes, you can subscribe to Linksys Aware. Log into the Linksys app with your Linksys cloud account, then tap on the menu icon. Then tap Linksys Aware and follow the steps to subscribe.

Once subscribed, you can manage your account (transfer or cancel it) in the Account section of the app.

NOTE: At the moment, non-tri-band nodes can report motion. However, smart home devices connected to those nodes cannot report motion.

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