Employee FAQ

What is Linksys HomeWRK for Business | Secured by Fortinet?

What benefits does Linksys HomeWRK for Business bring to the employee?

  • High-performance WiFi 6 connectivity with mesh capability throughout the home, for work and personal use (for personal gaming, streaming, IoT connectivity, and all WiFi connectivity in the Home).
  • Leveraging WiFi 6 and Intelligent Mesh technology, home office workers will increase the reliability and speed of their home network to enable seamless connectivity for remote collaboration and communications.
  • Protected privacy and security for use at home. Employees have a separate SSID to connect their personal devices in their home, and their company IT has strictly no visibility on their personal network. Networking features such as VLAN and authentication prevent the IT manager from having any means of accessing the personal side of the employee network. From the Linksys app, the Employee can also switch off the work WiFi network after hours.
  • Fortinet high-end security features are made available for personal networks. (See next questions for details)

An enterprise-grade network solution empowering organizations to provide their remote and hybrid workers with secure and fast access to corporate networks at home. It also provides a fully separate personal SSID (WiFi ID you connect to from a laptop or smartphone or other WiFi devices) for employees to set up a secured personal network. The employee can also manage their personal network WiFi and security services through the Linksys mobile app.

What are the security features in Linksys HomeWRK for Business | Secured by Fortinet on the work network?

Providing secure remote access to the corporate network and a segmented personal network for employees at home. The solution features enterprise- grade security from the latest FortiOS, including:

  • Antivirus. Protects employees’ devices and networks by intelligently blocking malware from cyberattacks that cause data breaches, disrupt operations, or steal sensitive information.
  • Web filtering. Filters web pages containing specific content, words or patterns. Fortinet security helps prevent access by employees to any inappropriate content or website with security risks from the corporate side of the network.
  • IPsec VPN. Allows employees working at home to connect to the corporate office and its resources.
  • Application control. Analyzes application traffic and blocks risky applications in real time to optimize the connectivity performance and safeguard your corporate network.
  • Intrusion prevention. Detects and stops known and zero-day threats before they reach your employees’ devices by applying AI/ML-driven threat intelligence with thousands of intrusion prevention rules.
  • Botnet protection. Prevents botnets and other threats from communicating with command & control servers to exfiltrate data or download malware; blocks large-scale DDoS attacks from known infected sources.

The last 3 features are only available in the Advanced package. Features therefore depend on what package the Enterprise has chosen to deploy.

Certificate inspection or Deep Packet Inspection can be enabled by IT administrators depending on the level of security and protection needed for the network.

What are the security features in Linksys HomeWRK for Business | Secured by Fortinet on the personal Home network?

Providing security features to the Employee personal network including:

  • Antivirus. Protects employees’ devices and networks by intelligently blocking malware from cyberattacks that cause data breaches, disrupt operations, or steal sensitive information. The list of Antiviruses is updated daily for complete protection.
  • Web filtering. Filters web pages containing specific content, words or patterns. Fortinet security helps prevent access by employees to any inappropriate content or website with security risks from the personal side of the network.

These features can be easily configured through the Linksys app.

Here are the content categories that can be filtered:


Adult/Mature Content


Advocacy organizations


Alternative Beliefs

Armed Forces

Arts & Culture


Bandwidth Consuming

Brokerage & Trading


Charitable Organizations

Child Abuse

Child Education

Content Servers


Digital Postcards


Domain Parking

Drug Abuse

Dynamic Content

Dynamic DNS



Explicit Violence

Extremist Groups

File Sharing & Storage

Finance & Banking


Freeware & Software Downloads



General Interest - Business

General Interest - Personal

General Organizations

Global Religion

Government & Legal Organizations


Health & Wellness

Illegal or Ethical

Information & Computer Security Information Technology

Instant Messaging

Internet Radio & TV

Internet Telephony

Job Search

Lingerie & Swimsuit

Malicious Websites


Meaningless Content


Newly Observed Domains

Newly Registered Domains

News & Media

Newsgroups & Message Boards

Nudity & Risque

Online Meeting

Other Adult Materials

Peer-to-peer File Sharing

Personal Privacy

Personal Vehicles

Personal Websites & Blogs



Political Organizations


Potentially Liable

Proxy Avoidance

Real Estate


Remote Access

Restaurant & Dining

Search Engines & Portals

Secure Websites

Sex Education


Social Networking

Society & Lifestyles



Sports Hunting & War Games

Streaming Media and Download





Web Analytics

Web Chat

Web Hosting

Web-based Applications

Web-based Email

Will Linksys HomeWRK support shared devices, like printers, to be accessible from both SSIDs?

No. The corporate and personal networks are segmented and do not support a shared device nor data exchanges to ensure the corporate network is never exposed to malware or threats from the employee’s network and the employee’s private network activity is never exposed to corporate IT or management.

Can my company see what I am doing on the on the personal Home network?

No, they cannot. The Linksys HomeWRK for Business solution segments private Home traffic from Enterprise traffic, preventing the company from having visibility into what the employee does from the home side.

What are the features in Linksys HomeWRK for Business | Secured by Fortinet?

Quality features to help organizations sustain their business efficiency and continuity include:

  • Single system offers segmented corporate and home networks that meet corporate and personal needs without compromising either.
  • Fast WiFi connectivity with Intelligent Mesh technology enables employees to enjoy a blanket of coverage and seamless roaming. The system automatically picks up the clearest channel to eliminate weak connection and dead spots.
  • Enterprise-grade security from Fortinet protects corporate and personal networks and devices against cyberattacks with secure connection.
  • Multiple SSID support segments corporate-only network traffic while allowing separate home and guest networks for personal needs.
  • Linksys Mobile App based installation helps employees quickly setup and expand WiFi coverage at home without the need for IT support.
  • Intuitive cloud management console provides administrators with centralized visibility of corporate remote network assets for easy management and troubleshooting
  • Traffic optimized for Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings helps boost employee collaboration and communication

Should the Employee keep their existing WiFi router, or should they replace it with the new HomeWRK for Business system?

Linksys HomeWRK for Business | Secured by Fortinet gives employees one single secure system for both corporate and home networks. Employees can eliminate their home routers to save money and have consistent WiFi 6 coverage throughout the home for personal use. In addition, they can secure their access to internet with security measures provided by industry- leading Fortinet security.

Furthermore, we do not recommend the Employee to use both their existing home router and Linksys HomeWRK since the Linksys HomeWRK connected to the home router might have IP address conflicts with the router, therefore, causing routing issues for the inbound traffic from the internet.

Can I keep the Linksys HomeWRK for Business system if I leave the company?

Please refer to your company policy for this request.

What happens if I move houses/ apartments?

When you change location, simply plug your Linksys HomeWRK for Business system in your new home Internet access and it will work automatically. For any specific questions, please contact your IT team.

Can I turn OFF the work WiFi?

You can turn OFF your work WiFi through the mobile app.

Can I change the name and password of my work WiFi?

No, your work WiFi name and password are specified by your company.

Can I use LinksysSmartWiFi.com or the Linksys app to manage the Linksys HomeWRK for Business system?

No, the Linksys HomeWRK for Business system (MX4301 and MX4302 routers) has its own mobile app called the Linksys HomeWRK app. The original Linksys app is not compatible with Linksys HomeWRK devices.

Can I control the content available to users on my personal network?

Yes, Web Content Filtering applies to all users connected to your personal WiFi but not your guest WiFi network.

Can I block specific websites from my personal network?

Currently, you cannot block individual sites. You can block web content by category with the Web Content Filtering feature.

Can I apply Web Content Filtering to a specific device?

Web Content Filtering applies to all devices connected to your personal WiFi. At this point, we are not able to apply it at the device level.

Is Web Content Filtering available for my guest network?

No, Web Content Filtering only applies to your personal WiFi.

What are the specifications of the Linksys HomeWRK for Business hardware?

Offering a secure and reliable connection for employees to work at home without interruption. Intelligent mesh with a mobile app guided installation process delivers blazing fast WiFi 6 coverage for the entire home without burdening IT for installation support.

  • 4x4x4 Triband MU-MIMO
  • Next-gen OFDMA Technology
  • 3x Gigabit LAN + 1 Gigabit WAN

Network Standards:

  • Wi-Fi 1 (802.11a), Wi-Fi 2 (802.11b),
  • Wi-Fi 3 (802.11g), Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n),
  • Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Wi-Fi (802.11ax)

Wi-Fi Speed:

  • Tri-Band AX4200 up to 4.2 Gbps

Wi-Fi Bands:

  • Radio 1: 2.4 GHz Band 802.11ax, 574 Mbps
  • Radio 2: 5 GHz Band 802.11ax, 1201 Mbps
  • Radio 3: 5 GHz Band 802.11ax, 2402 Mbps

What is the relationship between Fortinet and Linksys?

Fortinet and Linksys have formed a strategic partnership to provide joint solutions that improve the performance and management of home networks in today’s remote-driven work environment. Linksys HomeWRK for Business | Secured by Fortinet enables enterprise organizations to support and secure work-from-home networks.