Linksys’ WiFi 6 Solutions Available to UK ISP Market

Linksys takes its experience from consumer and business Wi-Fi, to offer ISPs mesh systems that can deliver 4x faster coverage across the whole-home

LONDON, UK (September 15, 2022) - Linksys, a leader in home and business Wi-Fi networking solutions, today announces that it is offering a suite of WiFi 6 products to internet service providers (ISPs) in the UK. Given the growth of the UK broadband and fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) market, Linksys is increasing its emphasis on working directly with ISPs in the country, to complement its global ISP business.

The UK broadband market has evolved significantly in recent years, with altnets seeking to provide ultrafast broadband to millions of homes in a race against established ISPs to lay fibre-to-the-home. Linksys is partnering with ISPs to provide robust, secure routers and mesh systems capable of providing fast, whole-home coverage. ISPs can also benefit from a range of additional services provided by Linksys and its partners. Linksys is already working with ISPs such as Community Fibre, Hey! Broadband, UpFibre, Airband and Connect Fibre among others – helping them to stand apart from the competition and expand connectivity across the UK.

Currently, ISPs are transitioning from WiFi 5 to WiFi 6 or 6E, due to its better throughput and latency, lower susceptibility to interference and its ability to allow mobile battery-powered devices to make more efficient use of battery life. Linksys was the first to market with a WiFi 6 solution and continues to leverage that innovation with its WiFi 6 and 6E mesh products that can be offered in both dual-band or tri-band, and give end-consumers the flexibility to configure networks across the home.

Linksys WiFi6 routers allows customers to enjoy 4X faster speeds compared to WiFi 5 throughout their entire home. Linksys’ mesh Wi-Fi router is sold in a range of bundle packs (1, 2 or 3+ pack solutions), and users can use a simple app to set-up and manage WiFi. Each device is connected to its own personal node, which functions as a router. Coverage can easily be expanded by adding more nodes.

Linksys products routinely come out as number one for coverage range in industry tests, whilst maintaining the speed and performance users now demand for modern life. Linksys is 51% owned by Fortinet, the leader in enterprise-grade security. This ensures its products integrate best-in-class security features to protect the growing number of devices accessing networks.

Albert Farag, Vice President of Europe and Global ISP, Linksys said: “The UK broadband market is more fiercely contested than ever, with altnet providers hastening their broadband rollouts due to the unprecedented demand for connectivity brought about by the pandemic. These altnets are quickly changing the dynamics of the market and bringing fibre to the homes of millions around the UK; but they require a partner that can ensure that gigabit fibre is mirrored with quality in-building WiFi that delivers reliable, secure and widespread coverage”.

Neil Heffernan, COO of Community Fibre added: "Extending our 100% full fibre network reach to homes across London is paramount, as is providing fast and secure broadband connections to households. Our partnership with Linksys ensures that we can continue to deliver London's fastest and best value broadband."

Linksys will be exhibiting at both Connected Britain in London (20th – 21st September) and Network X in Amsterdam (18th – 20th October). If you would like to schedule a meeting at either show to learn more about how Linksys is supporting ISPs or its Wi-Fi 6 technology, reach out to the press team using the contact details below.

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At Linksys, we strive to build the world’s most reliable, innovative, future-ready wireless technologies. Founded in 1988, Linksys has since established itself as a premier networking brand. Our Networking hardware solutions contribute to an ISP’s competitive edge and customer satisfaction through innovative and scalable broadband solutions. Linksys has recently partnered with Fortinet, the leader in enterprise-grade security, to ensure our customers are kept safe whilst working, gaming or surfing the internet.

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