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How to navigate through the Linksys app

The Linksys app allows you to access your Linksys cloud account using your mobile device and gives you the option to make changes to your network settings like the way you do from a regular web browser.  
For instructions on installing the app on your Android™ device, click
hereIf you have an iOS device, click here.
Logging into the Linksys app
Dashboard screen
Accessing the menu options
Logging into the Linksys app
NOTE:  Steps and images may vary depending on the firmware version and operating system of your mobile device.

When you open the app, it will prompt you for your log in information.  Enter your credentials then tap on Log in.
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You can also tap on Use Admin Password or Router Password and enter the required information to log in locally.
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The dashboard is the landing page of the Linksys app.  It displays the connection status of the network, the number of connected devices, and other network settings.  
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Tap the menu User-added image icon on the upper left of the dashboard to view the features available in the app.
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The WiFi name will appear on top in iOS devices.  
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Below are the available options:
  • Devices - You can view the number of connected clients in this section.  To learn more, click here.
  • Parental Controls - This section will show you the number of clients that are configured with the Parental Controls feature.  To learn more, click here.
  • Wi-Fi Settings - Tap this section to view or change your WiFi settings.  Click here to learn more.
  • Guest Network - This feature allows guests to use your internet connection without granting access to your files and other devices that are connected to your main network.  To learn more, click here.
  • External Storage - This feature allows you to share a storage device to the network and is available only on supported products.  
  • Device Prioritization - This feature lets you choose the devices or applications that will get the most bandwidth.  To learn more, click here.
  • Network Administration - This feature provides information about your network and devices such as the firmware version, time zone, and IP details.  
  • Advanced Settings - This feature allows you to configure the internet, port, and local settings for your network or set MAC address filtering for WiFi clients.
  • Set up a New Product - You can tap this option to set up a new router.  
  • Account - Tap this to view your Linksys cloud account information.
  • Help - Tap this option to check the version of the Linksys app or to get help about the app. 
If the Bridge Mode setting is enabled, some options will not be supported such as Devices, Parental Controls, and Device Prioritization. 

The app will automatically log you in the next time you access it unless you log out.  To do this, go to the menu and tap on Account > Log Out if you logged in with your Linksys cloud account or tap Log Out if you logged in with your admin/router password. 

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