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How to log in to the Linksys E9450 router's web interface

This article will show you how to access the web interface of your Linksys E9450 WiFi 6 Router.

Before you begin:  
  • Make sure that you have already set up the router.  To know how to set up your Linksys E9450 router, click here.
  • Make sure to use a computer or mobile device that is connected to the router's network.
NOTE:  This article is for Linksys E9450-AH, E9450-CN, E9450-JP, and E9450-KR.
Step 1:
Launch a web browser, enter your router’s IP address in the Address bar, and hit [ENTER].

NOTE:  The router's default IP address is  

Step 2:    
Enter your Username and Password in the fields provided, and then click Apply.

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You will be redirected to the router’s web interface.

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