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How to configure VLAN on the Linksys E9450

Follow the steps below to learn how to configure the Virtual LAN (VLAN) on your Linksys E9450 WiFi 6 Router.

NOTE:  This article is for Linksys E9450-AH, E9450-CN, E9450-JP, and E9450-KR.
Step 1:
Log in to the Linksys E9450’s web interface.  For instructions, click here.
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Step 2:
Click on the Advanced Setup tab.  Under LAN, select LAN VLAN Setting.

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Step 3:
Then Select a LAN port by clicking on the drop-down menu.

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Step 4:
To enable the VLAN mode, make sure to check the box before Enable VLAN Mode.

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Step 5:
Click on Add before the Remove button.  Then, enter the VLAN settings.

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Step 6:
Once done, click on Apply/Save to save changes.

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You should now have successfully configured the VLAN of your Linksys E9450.

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