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Upgrading firmware of the Linksys E9450

Firmware updates are bug fixes and functionality enhancements for the Linksys E9450 WiFi 6 Router.  Follow the steps below to upgrade the firmware of the Linksys E9450:

NOTE:  This article is for Linksys E9450-AH, E9450-CN, E9450-JP, and E9450-KR.

Step 1:
Launch a web browser, enter “” in the Address bar and hit [ENTER].

Step 2:
Enter your Username and Password in the fields provided, and then click Apply.

NOTE:  The default entry for both Username and Password fields is admin.

Step 3:
Click the Management tab.

Step 4: 
Click Firmware Upgrade.
User-added image
Step 5: 
Click Check Firmware.  If there is available firmware, you can proceed with the upgrade.

IMPORTANT:  Do NOT turn OFF or press the reset button while it is performing the upgrade.  Wait for the upgrade to finish.
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NOTE:  If you encounter a blank screen after an upgrade instead of a successful message, refresh the browser.

If you want to do a manual update, ensure to first download the latest firmware file from the Linksys Support site.  Then you can click the Choose File, locate and select the firmware file, and then click Start Upgrade to proceed with manually upgrading the firmware.

You should now have successfully upgraded the firmware of the Linksys E9450.

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