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Resolving Guest access issues using Linksys Connect

This article will guide you on how to resolve Guest access issues using Linksys Connect.  Make sure that your main wireless network works fine and all computers or wireless devices connected to it have Internet access.  

The factors below may explain why you’re having issues connecting to the Guest network.

Your device is connected to the main network instead of the Guest network
Once you have completed the setup of your router, you will have two (2) wireless network names, one (1) for the main network and the other for the Guest network (with the -guest suffix).  The Guest network appears to be unsecured when you search for wireless networks.  But, it would prompt for the Guest password once you open a web browser. 
You used the wireless password or Router password instead of the Guest password
The Guest password is unique.  It is different from the main wireless network password or Router Password.  The Router Password is the administrative password of your router.  
The Guest password is for wireless devices that connect to the Guest network.  Once connected to the Guest network, you will be prompted for the password when you open a web browser.  Enter the Guest network password when the prompt appears.  
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If you are not prompted with the Guest Sign-in screen
If you are connected to the Guest network and you are not prompted with the Guest Sign-in screen when opening a browser, perform the following: 
  • Try accessing the Internet using a different browser. 
  • Clear your web browser’s cache.  To do this, refer to your browser’s Help or documentation files.
  • Check if your connection with the router is active by connecting your computer or wireless device to the main wireless network.
  • Check if you have an active Internet connection by directly connecting your computer to the modem.
QUICK TIP:  The Guest password cannot be disabled while the Guest access feature is ON

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