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Changing the network password on the Powerline adapter

This article will guide you on how to set a unique network password on the Powerline adapter connected to your computer.  For instructions, follow the steps below:

NOTE:  All of the Powerline devices must use the same network password.  Otherwise, the adapters will not be able to properly communicate.

Step 1:
Launch the Powerline Adapter Configuration Utility.  Double-click on the Powerline Utility  icon on your desktop.  You can also click Start>All Programs>Linksys>PLE200.

NOTE:  In this example, we are using PLE200.

Step 2:
Click on the Security tab.

Step 3:
Enter your unique Network Password on the field provided.

NOTE:  The network password must have 4-24 characters and is case-sensitive.  You can click on Restore Default to restore your network password to its default settings.

Step 4:
Click .

Your new unique network password for your Powerline adapter is now set.

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