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Getting to know the WRT54GC

The Compact Wireless-G Broadband Router will allow you to establish better wireless connection and share Internet access and files.  This article will enumerate the features of the WRT54GC.

Product Overview

Front Panel
The LEDs are located on the front panel of the router.


 Ethernet 1-4 (Green) - The numbered LEDs, correspond the numbered ports on the router’s back panel, serve two purposes.  If the LED is continuously lit, the router is connected to a device through that port.  A flashing LED indicates network activity over that port

 Wireless (Green) - The LED flashes when there is a successful wireless connection.

 Internet (Green) - The LED lights up when there is a connection through the Internet

 Power (Green) - The LED lights up and will stay ON while the router is powered
On.  When the router goes through its self diagnostic mode during every boot-up, this LED will flash.  When the diagnostic is complete, the LED will be solidly lit.  If your router’s power LED is blinking, click here for troubleshooting instructions.

Back Panel
The Internet, Ethernet and Power ports are located at the back panel.

 Ethernet 1-4 - These ports connect the router to your networked computer and other Ethernet network devices.

 Internet - The Internet port is where you will connect your broadband Internet connection.

 Power - The Power port is where you will connect the power adapter.

Bottom Panel

 Reset - There are two ways to reset the router’s factory defaults.  Either press the RESET button, for approximately eight seconds, or restore the defaults from Administration > Factory Defaults in the router’s web-based setup page.

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