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Using the Import Tool for the Network Media Hub

The Import Tool that was installed during the Setup Wizard is a tool to import content to the Media Hub.

The Media Importer Tool automatically finds, copy, and update media files to the Media Hub.

Launching Linksys Media Importer

Step 1:
Launch Media Importer.

Step 2:
If the tray icon is not visible, click on Start > All Programs > Linksys Media Hub > Linksys Media Importer > Linksys Media Importer.

What you can do with Media Importer

  • Status - Will display the Media Hub's Friendly name you are currently connected to using the Media Importer tool. It will also  display if the tool is online or offline. Offline message is only between the Media Importer tool and the Media Hub connection, not the Media Hub to the network connection.
  • Disconnect/Connect button - To disconnect/connect the Import Tool to the Media Hub.
  • Switch Media Hub - If you have another Media Hub in the network click on this button to switch over to another Media Hub to Import media content.
  • Media Hub Online - You can click on this link to open a browser and access the web interface of the Media Hub.

NOTE:  If the status is displaying offline, you may be experiencing connectivity issues.  Click here to learn more.

  • Current Activity - Will display current media importing.

  • Manage Media Importer - To Add/Remove folders to import media into your Media Hub.

  •  Media Importer Status - To view status of the files that are imported.

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