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Setting up Device Prioritization on your Velop system

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The Device Prioritization screen on the Linksys app for your Velop system allows you to choose up to three devices for priority usage of your internet connection.  Those devices, whether wired or wireless, will always have the best access when connecting to the internet.  The Linksys app runs a Speed Test to determine how to best distribute Wi-Fi to prioritized devices.  Devices not on this list will share what’s left of your internet capacity.  This article will guide you on how to configure Device Prioritization on your Velop.


Step 1:
Log in to the Velop Dashboard.  For instructions, click here.
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Step 2:
Tap the plus User-added image icon beside Device Prioritization.  You will then be taken to the Device Prioritization section to add devices.
NOTE:  By default, Device Prioritization is OFF on your Velop.
Step 3:
Tap Add a device.
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Step 4:
Select up to three items from the list provided then tap Save.
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After selecting a device, a Speed Test will begin to determine the best performance and prioritize your devices accordingly.  Your download speed results will be displayed.
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If you need to run a Speed Test again to fine-tune it, tap on the speed number provided by the Speed Test.
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When Device Prioritization has been configured, the Dashboard will display up to three devices.

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