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Upgrading the firmware of your Linksys Wireless-AC and Wireless-N Access Point

The firmware of your Linksys Wireless-AC and Wireless-N Access Points can be upgraded using the HTTP / HTTPS, or TFTP methods. Go to the Linksys Support Site for the latest firmware release of your access point, then download and save it to your computer to perform the upgrade.

IMPORTANT: During the firmware upgrade, do NOT disconnect the access point from the computer or power OFF the device. It will reboot automatically when the firmware upgrade is complete.
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Upgrading the firmware occurs in the device's web-based setup page. To gain access to this page, click here for the step-by-step instructions. Once the setup page is up, click on Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade then choose one among the three options to proceed with the upgrade.

From Local PC
II. From TFTP Server
III. From internet

From Local PC:

Step 1:
Click the Choose File button and navigate to the location of the firmware file that you downloaded earlier.

Step 2:
Select the firmware file. Its name will appear in the Upgrade File field.

Step 3:
Click the Upgrade button.

Step 4:
Click OK to start the firmware upgrade.

From TFTP Server:

Step 1:
Enter the path of the firmware file on the Source File field. Then enter the IPv4 address of the server in the TFTP Server field.

NOTE: The firmware file supplied must be an .img file type.

Step 2:
Click the Upgrade button to start the upgrade process.

From internet:

​NOTE: This option is only available in supported access points.

Step 1:
Click the Check for Upgrade button to verify if there is a new firmware available.

Step 2:
Click OK on the pop-up dialogue box to start the firmware download and upgrade if a new version is available.

You should now have upgraded the firmware of your Linksys Wireless-AC or Wireless-N Access Point.