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Manually updating my USB printer's driver

Computer peripherals, such as your printer, require updated and correct drivers in order to establish communication with your computer.

Drivers provided by your printer manufacturer’s website may not be in a form of a Setup Wizard file.  In this case, you may need to install your printer’s driver manually through the Device Manager.

NOTE:  The printer's driver must be updated on all computers that you need to connect to the network printer.  If your printer is connected to the Linksys router, ensure that your computer can print with direct connection to the printer.  Also, if you are using Printer Sharing on your computer, ensure that the main computer has the updated printer drivers.

This article will guide you on how to update your USB printer’s driver manually.

Updating your USB printer driver using the Device Manager

Step 1:
Power ON your computer and USB printer.  Connect your computer to the printer using a USB cable.

Step 2:
Go to your printer manufacturer’s website, and locate the downloads section to download the required driver.

NOTE:  Before downloading the driver, make sure that your computer has an active Internet connection.

Step 3:
Click Save File when the File Download dialog box appears.

In the Save As... dialog box, choose a location for the file such as the Desktop and click Save.

When the download is complete click Close, if prompted.

Step 4:
Right-click Computer then click Properties.

Step 5:
Click Advanced system settings.

Step 6:
Click the Hardware tab then click Device Manager.

Step 7:
Click Universal Serial Bus Controllers.  Right-click USB Printing Support then click Update Driver Software.

NOTE:  If your USB printer is correctly installed, USB Printing Support should appear under Universal Serial Bus Controllers in Device Manager.  However, if it doesn't appear, ensure that your device is powered ON or connected to the computer.

Step 8:
Click Browse my computer for driver software.

Step 9:
Click Browse when the Browse for driver software on your computer dialog box appears, then follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Make sure to that the Include sub folders check box is checked to insure that all files necessary for installation will be detected.

Step 2:
In the Browser For Folder dialog box, select the location of the file you downloaded and click OK.

Step 3:
After selecting the location of the downloaded file, click Next to begin installation. 

Wait until installation is successful.

Step 10:
Once installation is completed, a dialogue box will prompt that the software for this device has been successfully installed.  Click Close.

Your USB printer is now updated.

QUICK TIP:  Always make sure that your USB printer is securely connected to your computer to avoid connectivity issues.

Expanding your network

Your router has the capability to connect multiple devices in the network.  These devices can be smartphones, game consoles and printers.  You can also extend the range of your wireless network, especially in situations that require you to do so.  This is through the use of other networking devices from Linksys like Powerline adapters.  To know more about powerline adapters, click here.

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