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Configuring Data Backup on the NAS

This article will provide you with instructions on how to backup your data files on your NAS device.  There are two options to back up the data files on your NAS device.  You can either backup from:

• Storage link to network device
• A network device to the storage link.

Follow the steps provided below to configure your device’s Data Backup settings.

Step 1:
Access the web based setup page of the device.  For instructions, click here.
Step 2:
Click the Administration tab then click the Backup sub-tab.



Step 3:
To add a new Backup Job, click Add New Job.



Step 4:
Provide a Name for the backup job when the Define Backup Job window appears.

NOTE:  As an example, we used “testjob” as the name of the backup job.



Step 5:
Select Synchronize for Backup Type.



Step 6:
Select a specific direction for Backup.  You can choose from the following options:

From this NSLU2 to another device – the data on the storage link is backed up to a remote device.

From another device to this NSLU2 – the data on a remote device is backed up to the storage link.

NOTE:  In this example, we are showing how to backup from NSLU2 to another device.



Step 7:
Select any of the following options under the This NSLU2 section:

Select the applicable share.

o If backing up from the storage link, select the share that you want to back up.

o If backing up to the storage link, select the share where you want the backed-up data to be stored.

Sub Folder
When the Sub Folder field appears, enter the location of the sub-folder where the share will be stored.




Step 8:
Provide details regarding the remote device on the Other Device section.  This is to assure where exactly will the data be backed up.  Enter the backup job’s Name.

NOTE:  Your backup job name must be made up of alphanumeric symbols not more 15 characters in length.



Step 9:
Enter the name of the shared folder.

NOTE:  Depending on the direction of the backup, the shared folder may either be the share to be backed up or the destination for the backed-up data.



Step 10:
Click the Access requires login checkbox if the share is password-protected then type your Login Name and Password on the fields provided.


Step 11:
On the Schedule option, enter your preferred schedule of the backup job.  The time fields (hour, minute, am/pm) allow you to specify at what particular time should the backup job take place.  The backup job schedule options that are available are as follows:

Never - Select this to disable backup.
Every Day - Select this to have the backup job performed each day, at a specified time.
Every Monday, Every Tuesday, ... - Select this to have the backup performed once per week, on a specified day.

NOTE:  In this example, Every Day at 6.00 pm was chosen as the backup job schedule.



Step 12:
Click Apply to save the changes.




The Backup Jobs field displays the backup jobs that you have defined.  For each job defined, the following data is shown:

Name - This shows the name that you assigned to the backup job.

Source & Destination – refers to the name of the source and destination devices.

Date/Time - The date and time of the last backup job.





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