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Configuring FTP server on NAS200

This article will explain to the user on how to configure the FTP Server.

Step 1:
Open a web browser (ie. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari) and go to the Network storage’s Web-based set up utility. For instructions, click here.

Step 2:
Once the set up page appears, click Administration > System Option and under Download Manager, click Enable Download Manager.


Step 3:
On the same screen, enable FTP Server under Option and specify the port number.  Then, click Save.


Step 4:
Click My Files > My Downloads > Add Task.


Step 5:
A New Task window will pop up.  Enter the URL and specify the Destination.  Click Save.

NOTE:  If you click Browse, a Folder Browser screen will appear on the Current Folder.  Specify the destination that you want to be accessed on the FTP by selecting any folder under Parent Directory and click Apply.  In this example, we selected DISK 1.

Step 6:
Go back to My Downloads and select the task that you added on Step 5 by clicking the radio button.

NOTE:  In this example we select DISK 1.

Step 7:
Click Start/Stop button to activate the selected task on the FTP server.



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