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Creating a New Group Using a Network Storage Link

Creating Groups is one of the advanced features of the Linksys network storage link.  This feature allows you to group certain members or users for you to easily set restrictions as a group instead of doing it individually.  For instructions, follow the steps below.

Creating a New Group Using the Storage Link’s Web-Based Setup Page

Step 1:
Access the network storage link’s web-based setup page.  For instructions, click here.

NOTE:  If you are using a Mac computer, click here

Step 2:
Once the network storage link’s web-based setup page appears, click Storage and select Administration.

Step 3:
Under Group Management, select Create New Group.

Step 4:
Once the Group Account dialogue window opens, enter the Group Name and Description.  You can also set the Access of the group to either the read and write or read only options.  Once you’re done, click Create to save and exit.


Step 5:
You should be able to see the new group that you have just created on the Storage administration screen.  Once you’re done, click the  button.


NOTE:  The two groups, admin and guest, refer to those who are administrators and the group of all users.  These always exist on the list and cannot be deleted.

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