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Warranty FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

United States RMA Terms and Conditions

Please click here to view the US RMA terms and conditions.
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Linksys Limited Warranty has two elements.  The first element covers your Linksys Product against defects in materials and workmanship for one year (90 days for refurbished products), while the second element provides one year Complimentary Assisted Technical Support for basic support to get your hardware up and running.  Complimentary Assisted Technical Support includes technical support (by phone) and live chat (through your computer).  For more information click here

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How do I return my Linksys Products?

You may return your Linksys Products to the place where it was purchased.  Every store has a return time period.  If you return your product within the time period designated by the retail store, online store, or other reseller (typically 30 days), you may receive store credit or reimbursement, depending on that reseller's policy on returns and exchanges.  We are not responsible for in-store returns or exchanges. 
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My product isn't working and the deadline for the reseller return policy has passed.

If you are experiencing problems with your Linksys Products and the seller return policy has passed but within the warranty period, please contact Customer Service or check the RMA Frequently Asked Questions.  If you need detailed information about your networking devices, visit Linksys support for step-by-step assistance and troubleshooting.
  There you will find frequently asked questions, free software for download, and a knowledge base to assist you and answer your questions.
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How do I contact Technical Support?

Click here to see Technical Support hours of operation and contact information. 
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How will Technical Support help me?

One of our professional technicians will work with you to resolve the issue and help get your product up and running.  The technician will determine whether the issue is product-related, whether your product contains a defect, or whether your product is under warranty.  If your problem cannot be resolved, Technical Support will provide a Case # that is used to create an RMA request for the Warranty Return process.  This number will let you return your merchandise for a working product. 
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Technical Support determined my Linksys product is defective and has given me a Case #.  What should I do now?

Completely fill out your RMA form and follow the instructions carefully when returning your product.  Clearly mark your RMA number on the outside of the product package and include a copy of proof of purchase (receipt, invoice, or packing slip) when shipping.  Click here to learn more.
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Do I need to send the box, manuals, disks and power adapter when returning a product?

Please send only the defective unit and the power adapter.  If your product includes a coupler or dongle, include these in your shipment.  If your product is a kit and only one of the units is defective, put the model number of the particular unit you are shipping on the RMA form.  The model number of the entire kit is not in the RMA drop down menu. 
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What are the Limited Warranty and technical support periods for Certified Refurbished Product?

Refurbished products sold in the United States have a 90-day Limited Warranty.
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Who is responsible for shipping?

Customers are responsible for shipping the defective unit to Linksys, including: brokerage, taxes, customs, and duties incurred.  Linksys will ship the replacement unit to you by UPS® ground in the continental United States and Canada.  If you want to expedite shipping, you will be responsible for the expedited shipping charge and will be asked to provide a credit card for the expedited shipping charge. 
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What is the turnaround time to get a replacement product?

We will ship a replacement product to the address that you will provide one to three business days after receiving your defective product. 
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Can you determine if my unit is under warranty from the product serial number or my registration of the product?

Yes, in most cases our technical support team can verify your warranty by using the serial number.  If the serial number cannot be verified, a Proof of Purchase will be required to determine the warranty.
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My coupler/dongle got broken.  Is this covered under the warranty?

Yes.  The coupler/dongle is covered under the warranty period of the card as long as the product is not broken as a result of wear and tear.  If the coupler (also called the "Dongle" or "the 5-inch cord") on your Laptop Card is already broken, and the product warranty has expired, you will need to purchase a replacement.
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How do I upgrade my product to a better one?

Linksys will replace defective products under warranty with the same unit only.
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What is the procedure to get a refund?

Linksys does not provide refunds or substitutions for products under warranty.  There are no exceptions.
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If I am located nearby, can I return my product in person?

We are not able to accommodate walk-ins.  All returned merchandise must be shipped to us at the proper address.  There are no exceptions.
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Is damage from an act of nature, such as a thunderstorm, covered under the warranty?

The warranty does not cover acts of nature or natural disasters.  We recommend you to plug your product into a surge protector before use.

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How do I check the status of my rebate?

Most rebates are fulfilled eight weeks after you submit your rebate coupon.  If your rebate has not been redeemed eight weeks after submittal, please refer to the Rebates section in the Contact Us page for more information about your rebate status.  The following information are required for processing:
  • (In the Subject Line) First and Last Name
  • Full Mailing Address
  • Rebate Amount
  • Product Purchased
  • Place of Purchase (Store or Reseller)
  • Date of Purchase
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How do I contact the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Department?

Click here to see RMA/Customer Service Department hours and contact information. 

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Once my unit is replaced, does my warranty start all over?

No, your warranty continues from the original date of purchase. 

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What is your refund policy for support fees?

All support related fees are non-refundable and non-cancellable.

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