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Linksys Cloud Manager: Clients page

 The Linksys Business Cloud Access Points distribute secure Wi-Fi connection to different networks and provide cloud management features so you can monitor your networks from anywhere at any time.

In the Clients page of the Linksys Cloud Manager, you can view information about the clients in a network.  Follow these steps to access the Clients page.
Before you begin:
This article is only for access points being managed by (Cloud Manager 1.0) https://business.linksys.com/
Visit the online documentation to learn more about the Linksys Cloud Manager 2.0.
Step 1:
Access your Cloud account.  For instructions, click here.

Step 2:
Select a network and click Clients. 
User-added image

User-added image

Here are settings on the Clients page.
Clients settingsDescription
NameThe default name of a client is its MAC address. 
QUICK TIP:  To rename a client, first select a client, click the ellipsis icon and then click Rename.  Enter a friendly name in the field and then click Confirm.
Last seenThis is the timestamp of the last time the client was seen on the network.
Wireless SSIDThis is the wireless SSID that the client is connected to.
Access PointThis is the name of the access point the client is connected to.
SignalThis shows you the signal strength of the connection.
BandwidthThis shows you the bandwidth usage of the client.
PolicyDisplays the policy of a client that is set on the access point.  Click the ellipsis icon to change the policy for a client.
  • User-added image - a client has unrestricted access to an SSID 
  • User-added image - select an SSID to block a client from.  You can block up to 20 clients per SSID.

User-added image 
QUICK TIP:  To set a policy, just choose whether to give normal access or to block a client from specific SSIDs.  Once you are satisfied with your settings, click Save.
Other Client SettingsClick on the Settings User-added image icon to hide or unhide a column.  You can add other categories to display as well, check the box of the items you want to view.
User-added image
Ellipsis menuYou can click the ellipsis User-added image icon to select from Connection, Details or Policy.  Selecting Connection displays the client's connection information.  Selecting Details will display the client's settings.
User-added image
Client Connection/DetailsFrom the Clients page, click on a client name to view additional information on a new page.  You can select either the Connection or Details tabs for the specific details.
User-added image

User-added image

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