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Installing the USBBT100 Bluetooth USB Adapter



Before installing the USBBT100 physically on a computer’s available USB port, make sure that the Linksys Bluetooth Software is installed first. This software comes with the USBBT100 package.

To install the Linksys Bluetooth adapter, please follow these instructions:

1. Insert the CD-ROM that comes bundled with the USBBT100 into your CD-ROM drive. The software installation wizard should automatically execute.

  • If the software does not automatically open, click on the Start button, select the Run option, and type d:\setup.exe (where D is the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive) in the Open field. Click on the OK button.

2. When the Bluetooth USB Adapter Setup Wizard program loads, click on the Install button.

3. After clicking install, the Wizard’s Welcome screen will appear. Click on the Next button to continue.

4. Read the license agreement. When finished, select “I agree with the terms in the license agreement”, then, click on Next to continue.

5. You will next be asked for a Destination folder to where the Bluetooth software will be installed. A default directory will be displayed (you may change it if you wish by selecting the Change button and selecting a different folder). Click on the Next button to continue.

6. The next screen should confirm the installation and display “Ready to install this program”. Click on the Install button to start the installation.

7. During the installation, a notification window may appear saying that the Windows does not have any driver certifications for Bluetooth devices. This means that Microsoft has not yet digitally signed the software you are trying to install. Click on the OK continue.

8. A window will appear asking you to connect the Bluetooth adapter to an available USB port on your computer. Plug the adapter into an available USB port, and click on the OK button.

9. The next screen will confirm that the installation has been successfully completed. Click on the Finish button to exit the installation program.

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