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Connecting to another USBBT100 using a USBBT100

To connect to a new USBBT100

  1. Right click on the Bluetooth icon in the Windows System Tray.
  2. Select Bluetooth Setup Wizard from the pop-up menu.

  1. When the Bluetooth Setup Wizard appears, select the option that says I want to find a specific Bluetooth device and configure how this computer will use its services and click Next to continue.

  1. Select the name of the other computer on the "Bluetooth Device Selection" screen, and click Next.

5. The Bluetooth Security Setup screen will appear. If you would like to set up security with this connection, enter in a PIN Code and press the Initiate Pairing button, so that the other computer can be prompted for the same PIN code. The PIN code is case-sensitive, and can be alphanumeric (numbers and letters). The PIN code must also consist of one (1) or more characters, and must not exceed a maximum of sixteen (16) characters.

• If you do not wish to set up security at this time, click the Skip Pairing button to continue.

Click Next to continue.

  1. The Bluetooth Service Selection screen will appear next. Select the service or services that

you would like to use from the remote computer by checking the boxes next to the service name.

  1. Audio Gateway. This allows another Bluetooth device to become your PC’s audio input/output device.
  2. Bluetooth Serial Port. This allows another Bluetooth device to establish a wireless serial connection with your PC.
  3. Dial-up Networking. This allows a remote Bluetooth device to use your PC’s modem.
  4. Fax. This allows another Bluetooth device to send a fax from your PC’s fax modem.
  5. File Transfer. This allows other Bluetooth devices to perform file system operations to and from a configurable restricted area on your PC.
  6. Headset. This allows another Bluetooth device to use your PC's microphone and speakers for its audio input/output.
  7. Network Access. This allows another Bluetooth device to access a Internet/Local Area Network from your PC and also allows access to an ad hoc network connected to your PC.
  8. PIM Item Transfer. This allows other Bluetooth devices to exchange Personal Information Manager data items with your PC.
  9. PIM Synchronization. This allows other Bluetooth devices to synchronize a Personal Information Manager database with your PC’s PIM database.

  1. Click Finish when you are done selecting.

You now should be able to see shortcuts to the services you selected when accessing the particular computer name in My Bluetooth Places.

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