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Setting-Up 152-Bit WEP Wireless Security on the WGA54AG

The Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a 64-bit key with 10 hexadecimal digits, a 128-bit WEP key with 26 hexadecimal digits or 152-bit WEP with 32 hexadecimal digits. This encryption will prevent other users from connecting to a wireless network using your own WEP key. It will also protect your wireless transmissions/communications from being accessed or received by other users.

To setup WEP Wireless Security on your Wireless-G Game Adapter follow the steps below.

Setting-Up the Wireless-G Game Adapter

Step 1:
Connect the Wireless Game Adapter to your router using an Ethernet cable. 

Step 2:
Access the Wireless A/G Game Adapter’s web-based setup page. 

Step 3:
When the Game Adapter’s setup page appears, look for the SSID field and enter the wireless network’s SSID.

Step 4:
Look for Network Type and select Infrastructure.

Step 5:
Look for Security, select Enabled and click Edit Wireless Security then proceed to the step below.

Step 6:
When the WEP Encryption window appears, select the same Default Transmit Key as your router’s. In this example, we selected 1.

Step 7:
Select 152Bit(32 hex digits).

Step 8:
Enter the wireless network’s WEP Key based on the Default Transmit Key selected. Since we selected Key 1, we’ll enter the WEP Key in the Key 1 field.

Step 9:


Step 10:
When the Setup page appears, click Refresh and select your wireless network’s SSID.

Step 11:
Once your SSID is selected, click Connect.

Step 12:
Click Apply and you’re done setting-up 152-Bit WEP on the Game Adapter.


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