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Resolving Linksys Wireless Adapter Issues on Windows Vista

To check if your Linksys Wireless adapter has been properly installed, you need to perform three steps:

i.   Check if the Device is Properly Plugged-in
ii.  Check the Device Manager
iii. Check the Status of the Wireless Adapter

Check if the Device is Properly Plugged-In

In resolving any wireless adapter issue, it is best to check the physical status of the device.  Perform the following procedure:

Step 1:
Check if the wireless adapter’s Power LED is lit.

NOTE:  If not, unplug the device from the PCI slot and place it back firmly.  For USB adapters, unplug the adapter from the USB slot and plug it back in.  To learn more on how to do this, click here.

Check the Device Manager

The Windows Device Manager will list down all hardware and peripherals attached to the computer.

Step 1:
Click on the Pearl button and go to Start Search

Step 2:
On Start Search field, type “device manager” and press [Enter] on your keyboard.

NOTE:  If the User Account Control window appears, click Continue.

Step 3:
Click Network Adapters and look for Linksys Wireless Adapter.

NOTE:  Linksys wireless adapters vary in description, refer to your product documentation for more information.  In this article, Linksys Wireless Adapter is used as an example.


Check the Status of the Wireless Adapter

The Device Manager will show the current status of your wireless adapter.  The following icons indicate the status of the devices installed on your computer:

This icon means that the device is properly installed.

NOTE:  If the device is properly installed, you should have no problems with the wireless adapter.

This icon means that the device is disabled.

To enable the Linksys Wireless Adapter, do the following procedure:

Step 1:
On the Windows Device Manager window, right-click on the Linksys Wireless Adapter description and then click on Enable.

This icon means that the device is not installed properly. 

NOTE:  If the adapter is not installed properly, reinstall the drivers.  To learn how to reinstall drivers, click here.  If it is not detected by the computer, try installing the adapter to a different computer.  If all else fails and you need further assistance, visit the Linksys Support Site.


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