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Upgrading the Firmware of the Digital Media Extender

The new firmware contains significant improvements and/or new features on the Digital Media Extender. To upgrade the firmware of the extender, follow the instructions below: 

NOTE: To learn how to Get Downloads from our Support site, click here

Upgrading the Firmware of the Digital Media Extender 

Step 1:
When the Main Menu appears, select Settings


Step 2:
Press the right arrow on the remote and select General

Step 3:
Use the up and down arrow on the remote to select Firmware Update

Step 4:
The next screen will automatically check for available updates. Select Update to load the latest firmware. (Please note that the image below is for example purposes only as no new firmware upgrade is currently available)

NOTE: You will receive a message No new firmware is available if there are no updates available. 

Step 5:
The firmware will now be automatically loaded on the Digital Media Extender. 

NOTE: Do not turn off the extender when the Firmware Upgrade in Progress screen appears to avoid severe damage. If you experience inconstant connection from your router, check your Digital Media Extender connection. For instruction on how to check your Media Extender’s network, click here. If you have to power cycle the DMA2100/2200 several times in order to enter Media Center mode and want to resolve it, click here for the solution.          



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