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Supported drives of NAS200 network storage system

The NAS200 network storage system supports both SATA-I and SATA-II drives.  It also supports USB flash drives and USB HDDs.

NOTE:  It is best not to use mixed SATA-type drives in a single enclosure to prevent compatibility problems with timing and speed between drives.

These are the current drives that have been tested and are approved for the NAS200:

HDD Compatible List for NAS200
1Seagate80GSATA II7200
2Seagate160GSATA II7200
3Seagate400GSATA II7200
4Seagate U Series 9 Series80GBSATA II 
5Seagate U Series 9 Series120GBSATA II 
6Western Digital250GSATA II7200
7Western Digital500GSATA II7200
8Western Digital150GSATA II10000
9Western Digital WD1600160GB  
10Western Digital WD2000200G  
11Western Digital WD2500250G  
12Hitachi160GSATA II7200
13Hitachi500GSATA II7200
14Maxtor Max Line Plus II series120GB  
15Maxtor Max Line Plus II series160GB  
16Maxtor Max Line Plus II series250GB  
17Maxtor Diamond Max 16 series120GB  
18Maxtor Diamond Max 16 series160GB  
19Maxtor Diamond Max 16 series250GB  
20Maxtor Diamond Max Plus series120GB  
21Maxtor Diamond Max Plus series160GB  
22Maxtor Diamond Max Plus series250GB  
23Samsung SP0812N series120GB  
24Samsung SP0812N series160GB  
25Samsung80GSATA II7200
26Seagate 1.5 ST31500341AS SATA II 
27Seagate ST32000542AS3GB/s 2TSATA 


USB Flash Drive Compatible List for NAS200
1Fujifilm USB 2.0 (sunny)128MB  
2Scandisk USB 2.01GB  
3PNY USB2.0 (device)128MB  
4Aigo USB 1.0 (sunny)128MB  
5Adata USB 2.01GB  
6LBD USB 2.01GB  
7Silicon USB 2.02GB  
8Transcend USB 2.01GB  
9Mr. Flash USB 2.01GB  
10Netac1 USB 2.01GB  
11ZOT WU128F (wireless and flash disk)   
14Seitec USB 2.0   
15TwinMOS USB 2.02GB  
16TwinMOS USB 2.04GB  


USB Flash Drive Compatible List for NAS200
1Aigo40GBUSB 2.03.5”
2IBM40GBUSB 2.03.5”
3WD500GBUSB 2.03.5”
4WD320GBUSB 2.03.5”
5Maxter One Touch250GBUSB 2.03.5”
6Maxter One Touch120GBUSB 2.03.5”
7Lacie500GBUSB 2.03.5”
8Maxter One Touch USB 2.03.5”


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