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USBBT100 Client Applications

Bluetooth Client Applications

Client Applications are software programs that allow your PC to use the Bluetooth services provided by other devices.

1. Human Interface Device. This allows your PC to use one or more remote Bluetooth Human Interface Devices as input/output devices. For example, with this application, your PC could use a Bluetooth keyboard or Bluetooth mouse.

2. Printer Application. This allows your PC to use a Bluetooth printer. Once installed, the printer is used just as any other printer would be used.

3. Audio Gateway Application. This allows a remote Bluetooth device to use your PC's microphone or speakers as the remote device's audio input and output devices.

4. Headset. This allows your PC to use a Bluetooth headset (or any other device that offers the Bluetooth headset service) as the PC’s audio input and output device.

5. PIM Synchronization. This is used to synchronize your PC’s Personal Information Manager (PIM) database with the PIM database of a remote Bluetooth device.

6. Fax. This allows your PC to send a fax using a Bluetooth Fax/Modem.

7. File Transfer. This allows your PC to perform file operations on another Bluetooth device’s Bluetooth Exchange Folder (and the folders and files it contains).

8. PIM Item Transfer. This allows your PC to send and receive Personal Information Manager items to-and-from a remote Bluetooth device.

9. Dial-up Network. This allows your PC to use a modem that is connected to another Bluetooth device.

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