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Linksys High Power PoE Injector, LACPI30 Frequently Asked Questions



1.  What is the Linksys High Power PoE Injector, LACPI30?

The Linksys High Power PoE Injector, LACPI30 offers a quick and easy setup with Plug-n-Play installation, provides Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities to a Provider Edge (PE) device and to your non-PoE network by simply connecting it to your existing network.  It is easy to configure and operate allowing you a fast and convenient access to your files. 

It also reduces the wiring cost of AC power by using a standard CAT5 cable to carry both power and data to PoE devices such as cameras and access points, up to 100 meters away.

2.  Can the PoE Injector power ON all Linksys PoE Powered Devices (PD)?

Yes, all Linksys PoE Powered Devices (PD) can be powered ON by this device.

3.  Is running a setup CD needed for this device to work?

No, you don't have to configure any since the Injector is a plug and play device.  You just have to ensure that your Powered Device (PD) is 802.3af (PoE) or 802.3at (PoE+) compliant.

4.  Can the PoE Injector be wall-mounted?

Yes.  The Injector is built with a metal chassis for wall-mounting purposes.

5.  What is the warranty period of the PoE Injector?

The PoE Injector has two (2) years limited warranty.

6.  What is the power consumption under full load of the PoE Injector?
  • 110 V, PoE full load AC power consumption  = 39 W
  • 220 V, PoE full load  AC power consumption  = 38.8 W

1.  What do the LEDs in the PoE Injector mean?
1.  PoE LED (Green) - Indicates the PoE/DATA port delivering power.
  • OFF - The PoE/DATA port is not delivering power.
  • Solid Green - The PoE port is delivering power.
2.  System LED (Blue) - The LED lights up and stays solid when the switch is powered ON.


1.  What should I do if my PoE Powered Device (PD) didn't turn ON?

Check if the Powered Device (PD) is connected to PoE/Data port, which is the right port.

2.  To which ports should I connect my PoE device and my LAN?

PoE client devices connect to the PoE/Data port.  The Data port connects to the existing network (LAN) router or switch.


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