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Connect Express Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Connect Express?
Connect Express is a mobile application version of the Linksys Connect software for computers.  This application runs on portable devices to give you the ability to configure some of your home network settings.
2. Which mobile devices can run Connect Express?
Connect Express is compatible with iOS (Apple®) and Android™-based wireless devices.
3. What setting changes can be made using Connect Express?
  • Enable or disable the Guest Access feature, change the password, and modify the total number of guests allowed to connect.
  • Edit the router's wireless name (SSID) and Wi-Fi password using CCE.
  • Change the Device’s friendly name. 
  • Renew the router’s WAN IP address, and reboot the router for Router Management.
4. Can you download the Connect Express application on a computer and then copy it over to the portable device?
No, the Connect Express application needs to be downloaded through the portable device.
NOTE:  For Apple® devices, the Connect Express application can be downloaded using the iTunes® desktop application. After downloading, the application can then be synchronized to the device.
5. What is HNAP?
Home Network Administration Protocol (HNAP) is the protocol running in the router’s background that allows Linksys Connect and Connect Express to communicate with the router and make setting changes.
6. Why can't the Connect Express application find my router?
To ensure connection between your router and the Connect Express, check if your portable device is connected to your wireless network.  Also, make sure that you have a router that runs the HNAP protocol, (e.g., all E-series routers and EA-series routers).
If the web guide user interface of the router is configured to only use HTTPS, HNAP will be disabled.  Access the router's web-based setup page to re-enable the HTTP access.
7. Where can I download Connect Express?
Connect Express can be downloaded for FREE at the Apple® App Store and the Google PlayStore.

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