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1.     Can I receive Yahoo! Messenger calls?

Yes, you can receive calls through Yahoo! Messenger. You can receive a call from another Messenger user who is also on their PC. This is known as a PC-to-PC call and it's free. You can also receive calls from regular or mobile phones, known as a Phone-to-PC call.

2.     Can I put a Yahoo! Messenger call on hold and make a regular call on the same handset?

Yes. Press the Yahoo! Messenger key to put the first call on hold. Next, press the regular line key and you will hear a dial tone.

3.     How can I add a contact or phone number to the contact list?

Use the Yahoo! Messenger software on your PC. Click Add a Contact and follow the instructions to add a contact including their phone number.

4.     Can I make an outgoing call using the regular line when someone else is on a Yahoo! Messenger call, or vice versa?

To make a regular call while someone else is on a Yahoo! Messenger call (or vice versa), pick up the handset and make the call. If the regular line is already in use, you will hear a busy tone.

5.     Why isn't there a dial tone when I press the Call key?

Do the following until you get a dial tone.

  • Make sure that the telephone line cord is properly connected to the LINE port of the USB base station and the telephone wall jack.
  • Move the handset closer to the USB base station.
  • Place the handset on the charger and recharge the batteries.

6.     Why is the Battery Empty icon still displayed even though the handset has charged for more than 14 hours?

Make sure the Battery icon indicates recharging when the handset is on the charger and use new rechargeable batteries.

7.     What can I do if my audio volume is too loud or too low?

The speaker volume on your PC or the handset may be set incorrectly. Adjust the volume on your PC and handset.

8.     What should I do when my handset's display screen is blank?

Check to see if the batteries are positioned properly in the battery compartment. Make sure that you've also connected the handset and USB base station. Next, put the handset on the USB base station to recharge the batteries.

9.     Why can't I call a regular number using Yahoo! Messenger's Phone Out service?

Check your Yahoo! Messenger Phone Out account balance at to make sure you have enough credits. Next, move the handset closer to the USB base station.

10.     What can I do to improve the audio quality?

You can try the following options in improving poor audio quality.

  • Move the handset closer to the USB base station.
  • There may be interference from nearby electrical devices. Move the USB based station and Yahoo! Messenger enabled PC as needed.

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