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Enhancing Your Sound

In order to enhance the sound of your speakers, you might need to do the following:

Placement of Speakers

Avoid sound reflections in front of the speaker by aligning the front edge of the speaker with the edge of the surface it has been placed on. The back of the speakers have a vented port opening. Do not block the vented port opening, as it will reduce the bass and/or create a rattling sound.

Optimizing High Frequencies

Adjust the angle of the speakers towards the center listening position for preferred high frequency level and soundstage depth.

Optimizing Bass Level

To increase your bass response, place your speakers closer to the walls and corners. 

Speakers Terminals and Cabling

The input terminals on the speakers accept high performance cables with a thickness of up to 4mm ²2/10AWG/.  Your speakers come with a pair of 1.5mm ²/16AWG speaker cables matching the speaker terminals and most amplifiers. If you need longer cables, consult your salesperson or retail store for advice on which cable best match your listening environment.

NOTE: The Director accepts a maximum of 1.5mm ²/16AWG.

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