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Formatting a Disk using the Network Attached Storage

A new USB Hard Disk Drive must be formatted before it can be used.  This article is a guide on how to format a disk using the Network Attached Storage.

NOTE: Formatting a hard drive deletes any saved data in it.  To know how to reset the Network Attached Storage, click here.

To know how to format a disk, follow these steps:

Step 1:
Access the Network Attached Storage’s web-based setup page.  For instructions, click here.

NOTE: If you are using Mac to access its web-based setup page, click here

Step 2:
In the Setup page, click Administration > Advanced.

Step 3:
Click Disk then click either Format Disk1 or Format Disk2, depending on the location of the disk you need to format.

NOTE:  NSLU2 only have FAT and NTFS as the hard disk formats.  It is recommended to use NTFS format for NSLU2 hard disk on Mac OS X and Windows platform.

Step 4:


NOTE:  Hard Disk Drives used on the Network Storage Link are not compatible with any version of Windows.  You cannot swap USB HDDs between Windows and the Network Storage Link.


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