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Configure a Backup Job using NTI Shadow

NTI Shadow is a utility that is included with the Setup Wizard for your Linksys NAS product.  To conduct a backup using NTI Shadow, follow these steps:

NOTE:  Only users that have administration rights can access the backup.

Step 1:
Insert the CD and follow the instructions to install NTI Shadow under Backup Software.

Step 2:
When the installation is successful, launch NTI Shadow by clicking Start and select All Programs.

Step 3:
Select NTI Shadow and click NTI Shadow 3.

Step 4:
When the NTI Shadow 3 is launched, click Create Backup Job to start the Job Wizard.

Step 5:
When the Job Wizard page appears, select all necessary files and folders to backup and click Next.

NOTE:  The left section of the Job Wizard shows all the files and folders that are stored on your PC.  Click on a folder on the left hand section so it will display the contents of the folder on the right section.

Step 6:
In the Job Wizard Where & When to Back up page, choose your backup destination on the Select your backup destination box by clicking the Browse button.

Step 7:
After selecting Browse, it will bring you to the Browse for Folder page.  Scroll down until you see the Network section and click on it to expand the submenu.  Select the NAS device and navigate to the folder where you want your backup's to be copied to.  At this point, it may prompt you for the username and password for the NAS device.  By default, its "admin".  Make sure you check Remember my password checkbox.  Once you select the location, click the OK button.

Step 8:
When you return to the Job Wizard Where and When to Back up page, select the date and time you wish to perform the backup job under Schedule your backup and click Next.

Step 9:
On the Job Wizard File Versions window, select one of the three backup options.  Then click Next.

Step 10:
Review the settings to ensure everything is correct.  Then click Finish.

Step 11:
Now it will ask you if you want to perform the backup job now.  You can start the backup job now or wait until the backup time you specified to start the backup job.  Click Yes to perform the backup job now.

Step 12:
To modify the Backup Job you created, select it from the Main NTI Shadow page and click the Edit button.  Now close the NTI Shadow software to minimize it to the system tray.

Note:  NTI shadow needs to be running in order for the backup job to process.  It should always reside in the system tray.  The log file will have all the backup status.

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