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ISP connection settings for VDSL service users

If you subscribed to a VDSL or Fibre connection, use the settings corresponding to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) listed in the table below.  These are the necessary ISP settings when configuring the Linksys X6200 AC750 Wi-Fi VDSL Modem Router.  For VDSL setup instructions, refer to the VDSL setup section in the Linksys X6200 User Guide.

CountryISPDSL modeConnection typeVLAN enabledVLAN ID
AustriaA1 – Glasfaser Power 16PTMPPPoEYes2
NetherlandsTelfortPTMIPoE (Dynamic)Yes34
FranceOrange (no VLAN ID)PTMPPPoENo0
GreeceOTE (VLAN 835)PTMPPPoEYes835
GreeceHellas On LinePTMPPPoEYes835
IrelandEircom (Automatic IP)PTMDynamicYes10
IrelandEircom (PPPoE)PTMPPPoENo0
IrelandMagnet NetworksPTMPPPoEYes10
Saudi ArabiaSTC (Jood)PTMPPPoEYes10
United KingdomBT InfinityPTMPPPoEYes101
United KingdomPlusNetPTMPPPoEYes101
United KingdomTalkTalkPTMIPoE (Dynamic)Yes101

NOTE:  If your connection is PPPoE, a username and password will be required.  Contact your ISP for these details if you do not have them.

You can also contact your ISP’s helpdesk to inquire about the required VDSL settings if your ISP or country is not listed in the table.

If you still cannot get connected, call the Linksys Technical Support for assistance.  Click here for the contact details.

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