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Creating a Cloud account for your Linksys Business Cloud Access Points

The Linksys Business Cloud Access Points provide a secure, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, and advanced security and management features so staff and members can bring their own devices to the workplace, and can stay connected to the network. 
With the Linksys Cloud Manager, you can conveniently check and manage your Linksys Business Cloud Access Points’ networks anytime and anywhere. 

Before you begin:
  • This article is only for access points being managed by (Cloud Manager 1.0) https://business.linksys.com/.
  • Write down your access point’s MAC Address and Serial Number.  These can be found on your access point’s backplate or on the box it came in.
Step 1:
Launch a browser and go to https://business.linksys.com.

Step 2:
Click Register.  If you already have an account, click here for instructions on how to log in.

User-added image

Step 3:
Fill in the required information then click the Register button.

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NOTE:  You will receive a confirmation email.  Be sure to confirm your email address and click Back to Login to proceed.  On the Login page, enter your credentials and click Login.

Step 4:
Click on the Create New Organization button to proceed. 
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Step 5:
Enter a custom Organization name then click Save.

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Step 6:
Select an Organization under the Select Organization list.

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Step 7:
You will then be redirected to the Linksys Cloud Manager dashboard to create a network. Click on the Create Network button to do so.

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Step 8:
Enter your preferred Network Name in the field then click Save.

NOTE:  You can also click on Add a note. to add a description for the network.  Selecting an icon for your network helps for better identification in multiple-network situations.

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Step 9:
You'll be brought to the Access Points page.  Click on the Add New Access Point button.

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Step 10:
Enter the Access Point MAC Address and Serial Number of the access point you want to add then click Save.

NOTE:  The access point should be online before it can be added to the Cloud.

User-added image

Step 11:
Your access point is now associated to your Cloud account.  To add another access point, click the Add Access Point button.

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