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Connecting to iTunes using a new node

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I have an existing Linksys Shield subscription that is associated to my old node.  I have just replaced the old node with a new one but now I’m unable to connect to Linksys Shield through iTunes® and my attempts to subscribe again are not successful.

If you are setting up a new Velop node or if you reset your existing node and you are setting it up again, it will not automatically associate to your existing Linksys Shield account.  If you deleted any offline nodes using the Linksys app before or after setting up the new node, you will not be able to connect to Linksys Shield through the iTunes account that was associated with the old node.  When you attempt to subscribe to Linksys Shield, a pop-up screen will appear saying, You are currently subscribed or Subscription for this network already exists.   
Linksys is currently working on a solution to fix this issue.  

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