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3 of the Latest Robotic Innovations to Make Your Home Smarter

Want to set up an Outdoor Theater?

Whether you have fond memories from the backseat of the family station wagon or learned everything you know about the drive-in from movies themselves, open-air cinema isn't only a distinctly American experience—it's something that just feels right when summer rolls around. And when you're the director of the backyard theater, you need just the right gear to turn those warm nights into cinematic memories.

1. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Gone are the days when you argue about whose turn it is to do the vacuuming. Now there is a whole range of robots ready and waiting to make your floors dust-free. Set-up and control is completed via an app, and some models have the ability to establish no- go areas in your home, stopping the robot from getting into troublesome places like behind the TV or under desks where there are lots of electrical cables. The bots are charged in a docking station and return there once they've completed the job, when their batteries run low, or their debris bags are full. Wondering which robot will work best for you? TechRadar has tested and reported on six different brands.

2. Robot Chef

Making delicious, healthy dinners from scratch can be time consuming. Luckily, there's a robotic pair of hands that will take over cooking duties for you. The automated arms are connected to the cupboard base above the work surface and can move around the area to prepare meals. Moley, the company that launched the robot chef, premiered to widespread acclaim at the Hanover Messe robotics show. The product, which will be supported by an "iTunes-style library of recipes," will go on sale this year. Say goodbye to burnt hands and cut fingers! Now you can sit back and watch your meal be made from afar.

3. Robot Window Cleaners

Window cleaning is another household chore you can abandon. There's a whole range of robotic window cleaners keen to do the job for you. They'll clean internal and external windows, glass shower cubicles, mirrors and tables. One of the most popular models is the Hobot, which has a rechargeable battery, as well as an anti-dropping algorithm, meaning it will never fall—a great feature if you're using it to clean high-up places. Hobots, among other robot window cleaners on the market, have sensors to detect obstacles, in addition to machine-washable pads. By taking advantage of AI home technology, cleaning and cooking can be domestic chores of the past. And with a smarter home you can be smarter with your time.