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Linksys Gives Ace Business Machines a Network They Can Count On

From their warehouse office in Glendale, California, Ace Business Machines delivers essential office equipment to businesses across the country, ranging from startups and nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. Meeting the demands of their diverse and distributed customer base requires a reliable network infrastructure that can support ongoing business operations without inconvenient interruptions or unplanned downtime.

After a series of network performance issues, Ace Business Machines turned to Linksys for an affordable, reliable, business-grade network solution.

The Challenge

Ace Business Machines’ existing office network consisted of a cable modem connected to an old Linksys Wireless Router, then to a series of small unmanaged switches configured together in a daisy-chain and connected to the file server, six desktop workstations, and two multifunction printers. Two wireless IP cameras shared the Wireless-G network with tablets and smartphones used by employees and visitors.

The unmanaged switches were not intended for regular business use, and the daisy-chain arrangement caused network delays and connection issues between the desktops, printers, cameras, and server.

The Solution

Linksys configured the Charter cable modem for pass-through traffic and installed a Linksys LRT214 Business Gigabit VPN Router to manage Internet traffic. We replaced the daisy-chained switches with a much cleaner network configuration using a single, centralized Linksys 28-Port Business Managed Gigabit PoE+ Switch, which resolved most of the connection delays and other performance issues.

A Linksys Business Wireless-AC Dual-Band Access Point provided fast, reliable wireless coverage throughout the office, improving the performance of the existing wireless IP cameras as well as employees’ mobile devices. An additional benefit of the Business Gigabit VPN Router was to enable administrators to view IP camera footage remotely from off-site, allowing them to check site security in real time, day or night.


Linksys was able to address most of the customer’s complaints by reorganizing their office network infrastructure around a single managed switch, eliminating multiple connection and communication issues. Upgrading the wireless network also dramatically improved the performance of IP security cameras and personal mobile devices. The new, business-grade Linksys network delivers the level of performance and reliability that Ace Business Machines depends on for their day-to-day operations.