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Linksys Helps the Petersen Automotive Museum Office Switch Gears

Petersen Museum lit up at night on Wilshire Boulevard

With a passion for cars, the non-profit Los Angeles–based Petersen Automotive Museum lovingly displays 150 of the 300-plus themed vehicles in its inventory alongside rare automotive parts, artwork, photographs, and more—all donated by car aficionados. Since its opening in 1994, the 300,000-square-foot museum has been a popular destination on the city’s “Miracle Mile,” featuring a now-famous Streetscape theme that provides an immersive experience for visitors.


In 2014, it became clear that the third level of the building, which was designated as office space for a staff of 45, was prime real estate for a museum expansion. The museum made the decision to embark on an extensive two-part renovation, with the first phase of construction focused on relocating the offices down to the lower level of the building.

The Challenge

This renovation provided the museum with a golden opportunity. The lower level of the building, built in the 1960s, was ill-equipped to support the wireless needs of a modern office setting. Historically, the staff had even found themselves moving their range extenders from their office to the exhibit floor for events, putting the office out of commission.

With the construction plans put into play, Chief Marketing Officer Adam Langsbard recognized that the time for a technological change had arrived. Upgrading the office network would let staff work more quickly and efficiently throughout the entire lower level.

As a non-profit company, the Petersen Automotive Museum needed a quality solution at a reasonable price point, preferably from a company that could form a strong, lasting connection with the museum to continue working with them on phase two of the renovation. And between the cumbersome construction and immediate move, the museum needed the upgrade quickly.

The Solution

After careful research, Langsbard determined that Linksys, with its record-speed delivery and high-performance products, was the perfect fit. From the first call with Linksys to the equipment delivery and installation, the museum was up and running in under 4 weeks—with the added benefit of a company partnership ensuring their continued security, support, and success.


“The ability for [Linksys] to come to the table, understand [our] needs, and then work with our technical contractors to fulfill a product and the advisory needs in near immediacy was phenomenal,”
- Langsbard.


Linksys stepped in and furnished the museum’s new office space with all the networking and infrastructure equipment that the building needed to run like a modern-day business. From Smart PoE+ switches to Wireless-N600 Dual Band access points, Linksys provided an affordable solution, working closely with the museum to create and sustain a technologically advanced office environment.

Smart switches enable the staff to operate at peak efficiency with prioritized real-time applications, a reduced number of electrical wiring costs, simple installation, secure networks, and the potential to expand their systems and networks at any time. Access points provide fast, secure wireless connectivity throughout the office without needing extra power adapters or range extenders to run smoothly and effectively. And Belkin Cat5e snagless patch cables were put in place to provide extra security and ensure clean, clear transmissions.

“If it weren’t for [Linksys, we’d] still be moving around [our] range extenders,” said Langsbard. Now the staff can increase their productivity by being able to work anywhere in the office with immediate access to a fast and powerful network.

“I couldn’t be happier with the implementation,” said Langsbard. “This helped our staff work more easily during the museum’s construction, and laid the groundwork for phase two of our expansion, which will fully integrate technology in our exhibits and enhance the user experience.”


Langsbard mentions that today’s organizations inherently expect technology to work from the moment it’s turned on. But he also recognizes that this expectation is “one of the most difficult things to execute.” With Linksys, the execution was not only turnkey, but flawless as well, as the museum has yet to experience any downtime since the technology solution was installed.

Linksys, with its passion for performance and integrity, provided the equally passionate Petersen Automotive Museum with a strong office solution and the growing partnership Langsbard was looking for. Now, this unique non-profit museum is ready to race forward and tackle the road ahead.