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Why You Should Upgrade to Mesh WiFi

A diagram of a connected home that uses Whole Home Mesh WiFi

With so many connected devices, streaming options, and multiple users within a home, it's not surprising that one-third of U.S. households surveyed are not satisfied with their WiFi, according an IDC report sponsored by Linksys.

The survey found that:

  • 69% said their WiFi lacked decent performance
  • 32% said their coverage or range was not adequate
  • 16% were dissatisfied with unresponsive tech help

Yesterday's WiFi routers, which are typically the routers provided to you by your internet service provider, are not built to handle today's growing network needs.

One way to fix this is to invest in Mesh WiFi.

Mesh WiFi Explained

Mesh WiFi, which is also known as whole home WiFi, employs a main router that connects to a modem and a series of modules, called nodes. The router by the modem mimics a standard setup while the nodes are deployed around the home or business to create mesh WiFi. This enables a more robust WiFi network, with better coverage and stronger speeds, available throughout the building or floor. It's like a wireless home speaker system with the main receiver and the satellite speakers offering the sound throughout the house — but in this case, it's an internet network.

Learn more about Mesh WiFi.

Benefits of Mesh WiFi

Here are the top benefits of upgrading to Mesh WiFi:

  • Improved speed and coverage: A household or business may have multiple users and many connected devices. Traditional routers lack fast speeds and adequate range, which causes weak signals or dead spots within a home. A Mesh WiFi system can help overcome these obstacles by delivering reliable, fast, and secure WiFi throughout your home, backyard, and garage.

  • Increased security: When you upgrade to a Mesh WiFi system, such as Linksys Velop Mesh-WiFi, you'll have more control of who can use your WiFi network and how. For example, you can give network guests their own username and password and also limit internet usage for the kids with Parental Control features.

  • Customizable: A modular mesh WiFi system like Linksys Velop Mesh-WiFi enables you to customize where and how you want to expand your home WiFi. You'll have greater flexibility when you decide where to put the Mesh modules and nodes.

Customizable Mesh WiFi Setups

For gaming and streaming, you may want to consider the following:

MR900 Max-Stream AC3000 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 5 Router

MR8300 Mesh WiFi Router, AC2200, MU-MIMO

Both tri-band routers deliver Mesh WiFi at superior speeds and coverage and can be setup in minutes. These are ideal for the household with gamers and fans of streaming services.

If you already have Mesh WiFi and want to expand it, the following products can help:

Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System, Tri-Brand, 1-Pack White

Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi System, 2-Pack White

Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi Extender

Which Mesh WiFi Fits Your Needs?

Setting up a Mesh WiFi system shouldn't be complex and intimidating. Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi systems makes it easy for you to install Mesh WiFi within minutes so you can experience fast, flawless, and full-strength Mesh WiFi.

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