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What is WiFi 6? (And Why You Want It in 2021)

The benefits of WiFi 6 are that it is faster, handles more devices, and is safer than WiFi 5.

WiFi 6 is basically faster internet, which means quicker downloads, more reliable streaming, and even accelerated load times for all your devices and anything going through them.

Technically, it’s the next generation of WiFi standard classification, as certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Yes, there’s a Wi-Fi Alliance. While they don’t make law or save the universe as it might sound, they do certify devices to ensure the quality and speeds we’re supposed to be getting out of our gear.

For the WiFi 6 evolution, you can expect higher data rates, increased capacity for simultaneous information, better performance for multiple devices connected at the same time, longer range, and improved power efficiency.

What Are The Benefits of WiFi 6? A Cheat Sheet:

  • 4x Faster Speeds Overall
  • 4x Greater Bandwidth Capacity
  • 50+ Devices, Better with Multitasking Devices
  • Leaner on Energy Consumption

WiFi 6 vs. WiFi 5 and Older Generations…

250% Faster

At its peak, WiFi 6 way faster than WiFi 5, up to 250% speedier actually. But don’t feel bad for WiFi 5, it’s still great and this is just its more mature self. And most of us don’t exceed 75-100 Mbps anyhow, or 1% of that maximum, so we’ve got plenty of room to grow.

50+ Devices

The major breakthrough in WiFi 6 is its ability to multitask between all your devices. WiFi 6 has a maximum speed of 9.6 Gbps, that’s giga, or billions, of bits per second. It used to be, when all the phones, smart devices, TVs, laptops, and whatnot took their share of the connection bandwidth, things got a little...messy. However, WiFi 6 has focused on spreading the connective wealth without interruption or conflict in anticipation of everything in your house being connected one day, if they’re not already.

WiFi 6 Boosts Longer Battery Lives & Energy Efficiency

Thanks to a new innovation called Target Wake Time, WiFi 6 will extend battery lives on smaller WiFi home sensors or other devices that only need to connect now and again. Laptops and phones pretty much need a constant connection, so it doesn’t help them out too much, but we can always plug them in.

WiFi 6 is Safer & Sounder

WiFi 6 is the first Certification that requires a new security protocol called WPA3. That basically means it’s constantly looking out for hackers and encoding all your info. So even if they snag something out of the air, they won’t be able to do anything with it.

Where Do I Find WiFi 6?

It’s out now and you’ll start seeing it as a feature on new devices you get. You will need to upgrade to a new WiFi 6 router or system to enjoy its benefits. But as we all get more and more devices connecting our lives together, we’ll want them to all get along. Meet the coolest-headed, energy-efficient, speedy mediator in town: WiFi 6.