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WPS Vulnerability status update for Linksys devices

Linksys is aware of the security flaw that is inherently part of Wi-Fi Alliance's® Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) design that many vendors have implemented in their wireless routers in order to be compliant and interoperable.  To learn more about WPS, click here.

Linksys is actively working on the field-upgradeable methods recommended by the Wi-Fi Alliance™ to mitigate this vulnerability on Linksys wireless routers and will update this document as more information becomes available.  These recommended methods will help improve the security and be compliant with the WPS certification.

Linksys has released firmware that allows customers to disable WPS to eliminate this issue. The following list contains those products that have this feature.

 Product Name Availability of Firmware to Disable WPS
 E1000Available Now
 E1000 v2Available Now
 E1000 v2.1Available Now
 E1200 v1Available Now
 E1200 v2Available Now
 E1500Available Now
 E1550Available Now
 E2100LAvailable Now
 E2500Available Now
E3200Available Now
 E4200 v1Available Now
 E4200 v2Available Now
 RE1000Available Now
 WAP610NAvailable Now
X1000Available Now
 X2000Available Now
 X2000 v2Available Now
 X3000Available Now
X3500Available Now



Not all workarounds are available or practical for all customers, but can provide additional protection for customers who can implement them.

Disable Wireless Radio – For customers that are not using the wireless functionality, disabling the Wi-Fi radio will alleviate the exposure.  All devices in the above list have an option in the Advanced UI to disable the radio.

IMPORTANT:  Please note that if the radio is disabled, none of the wireless devices within the network will be able to connect to the Internet.

Further information, support, and services for your Linksys Consumer Products can be found at the Linksys Support Site.  Here you can download the User Guide, check for the latest devices updates, and contact technical support.

The CERT Vulnerability Note can be found here:


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