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Setting-Up a Wireless Mac to Obtain an IP Address Automatically

Configuring a wireless Mac to get an IP address automatically will enable it to get an IP address from a DHCP server. Instead of manually entering the IP settings which will take time, performing this procedure will ensure that the Mac will get the correct TCP/IP settings.

Configuring a wireless Mac to get an IP address automatically is useful when:

  • Connecting a wireless Mac to a network with a DHCP server.
  • Ensuring that the wireless Mac is getting the correct TCP/IP settings.

To configure a wireless Mac to get an IP address automatically, you have to check the TCP/IP properties of the AirPort Adapter installed on the Mac. For instructions, please follow the steps below.

Checking If the Mac is Set to DHCP

Step 1:
Click the Apple menu  then select System Preferences.

NOTE: You may use other options to access System Preferences.

Step 2:
When the System Preferences screen appears, click Network.

Step 3:
When the Network screen appears, look for Show and make sure AirPort is selected.

Step 4:
Click TCP/IP and look for Configure IPv4 and make sure Using DHCP is selected.

Step 5:

Click . You’re now done configuring the wireless Mac to obtain an IP address automatically.

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