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I am getting a “Can’t access your Valet settings” message

If you have changed the Valet password using Linksys Connect on another computer, you will not be able to launch Linksys Connect on your main computer until you update the Easy Setup Key with the new password.

IMPORTANT:  Always use the main computer in changing the Valet settings to avoid getting this error message.

Step 1:
Unplug the Easy Setup Key from the USB port of your main computer.

Step 2:
Launch Linksys Connect on the computer where you have changed the password then select Valet settings.

Step 3:
On the Easy Setup Key section, click Update or create key.


Step 4:
Insert the Easy Setup Key to an available USB port on the second computer.


Step 5:
When you see this screen, it means that your Easy Setup Key has been updated successfully.  Unplug the Easy Setup Key and click Close.

Step 6:
Close the Linksys Connect software on your main computer.

Step 7:
Insert the Easy Setup Key again into the USB port of your computer.  The Linksys Connect settings on the main computer will be updated with the settings stored in the Easy Setup Key.


IMPORTANT:  Safe web surfing function on the device is no longer supported and not recommended to be enabled. 

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