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List of devices compatible with Windows 7

The table below lists down the Linksys devices compatible with Windows 7.

NOTE:  Visit the Linksys Support Site to download updated drivers that will enable your existing Linksys devices to work on Windows 7.

 Routers Network Adapters Specialty Devices
All Linksys routers are compatible with Windows 7 operating system.
WUSB54GC version 3.0AE3000 version 1.0WGA11B
WPC54G version 1.0AE2500 version 1.0WGA54AG
 WPC54GR version 1.0AE1200 version 1.0WGA54G
 WPC54GS version 2.1AE1000 version 1.0 WGA600N
 WPC55AG version 1.3AM10 version 1.0  WVC54GCA
 WMP54G version 4.1WMP110 version 1.0 WVC80N
 WMP54GS version 2.0WUSB600N version 1.0 / 2.0  WRE54G
 WMP55AG version 1.3WEC600N version 1.0  
 WUSB54GSC version 1.0 / 2.0WMP300N version 1.0  
 WUSB54GR version 1.0WUSB300N version 1.0 
 WUSB100 version 1.0 / 2.0WMP600N version 1.0  
 WPC100 version 1.0  WPC600N version 1.0 

To verify if your Linksys device works with Windows 7, follow these steps:

NOTE:  The Linksys device used as an example in the steps below is a wireless adapter.

Step 1:
Visit the Linksys Support Site and search for the support page of your device.

Step 2:
Once you found the product support page of your Linksys device, click on the Downloads tab and select a hardware version from the drop-down menu.

Step 3:
When the available firmware and driver download links are displayed, click on the Download link of the driver assigned for Windows 7.

NOTE:  After downloading, you may now update your adapter’s driver to fix bugs and improve its functionality.  For detailed instructions, click here.

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