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Resetting your Xbox One® to factory defaults

There are certain times when restoring your Xbox One® to factory defaults is necessary.  You may need to completely restore the system, or you can reset the console’s operating system (OS) but keep your games and apps installed.  This article will help you do either of those options on your Xbox One.
Step 1:
From the Home screen, scroll left to open the guide.
Step 2:
Scroll down to the gear icon (Settings), then select All Settings.
Step 3:
Scroll down to System, then select Console info & updates.
Step 4:
Select Reset console.
Step 5:
On the Reset your console? screen, select either of the two:
  • Reset and remove everything – This option will reset your Xbox One to factory settings—deleting all data including your accounts, settings, and all your installed games and apps.
  • Reset and keep my games & apps – This is the recommended first choice for troubleshooting.  This will keep you from having to reinstall all your games files and apps. Save the Reset and remove everything as a last resort.
After selecting your desired option, the Xbox One console will start resetting itself to the default settings according to the option you selected.

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