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How to bypass the Setup Wizard of the Linksys CG7500

The Linksys CG7500 AC1900 Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router combines a 24 x 8 channel DOCSIS 3.0 modem and Wi-Fi AC router into one convenient, high-performance device.  This modem router eliminates the need for a separate cable modem, so you have fewer devices taking up space on your desk.  Ideal for busy households with multiple connected devices, the Linksys CG7500 offers ample bandwidth for 4K video streaming, online gaming, and other data-heavy activities. 
IMPORTANT:  If you have not registered the modem router, you must contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) first.  Otherwise, you will NOT be able to get online until your new modem router has been registered with your ISP.  Skipping the Setup Wizard will ONLY allow you to configure the local router settings.

Step 1: 
Make sure the modem router is powered ON.

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Step 2:
Connect your computer to the default Wi-Fi network of the modem router.  The default Wi-Fi settings are found on the product label located at the bottom the device. 
NOTE:  You can also connect a computer to the modem router using the supplied ethernet cable. 
Step 3:
Launch a supported browser and enter “” in the Address bar and then press [ENTER].
Step 4:
When you land on the Quick Start tab, click Begin.

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NOTE:  You will NOT be able to navigate to the other tabs until you select to skip the wizard on the next step.

Step 5:
Check both boxes then click Next.
NOTE:  Make sure to read and understand the License Terms.

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Step 6:
You will be taken to the login screen.  Enter the modem router’s password then click Log in.
NOTE:  The default administrator password is admin.

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Step 7:
Once you’re logged in, you can now navigate to the other tabs to configure your standard router settings.
NOTE:  If you need to run the Setup Wizard again, you will need to reset the modem router to factory settings. 
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