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Overview of the Parental Controls tool of the Linksys CG7500

The Parental Controls feature of your Linksys CG7500 AC1900 Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router allows you to manage internet use by blocking access per device or blocking specific sites per device.  To begin with configuration, follow the steps below.
IMPORTANT:  Before you proceed with setting up Parental Controls, the Time Zone of your Linksys CG7500 should be changed according to your current location to ensure that this feature will block internet access on the exact time you specified.  To learn how to change the Time Zone of your modem router, click
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Step 1:
On a computer or device connected to your modem router, launch a supported browser, enter “” in the Address bar and then press [ENTER].
Step 2:
On the screen that opens, enter the current modem router’s login Password.
NOTE:  The default administrator password is admin.  If you’ve already modified the password, use that instead.  If you’ve forgotten your password, you will need to reset the modem router to factory settings and reinstall it.  For instructions on how to set up the Linksys CG7500, click here.

Step 3: 
Go to the Parental Controls tab and check the Enabled box.
Step 4: 
To restrict internet access by time during certain hours or days, you can either click the Block Internet Access button or click on the Add a New Device button.  On the page that opens, you will see the Device (name), MAC Address, and Manage All Day settings.
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Step 5: 
Select either Never, Always or Specific Times.  If you choose Specific Times, select the days and time range.

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NOTE:  If you want to block web sites, click the Add link below Block Specify Sites.  Go to Choose Block Sites and enter the URL address of the sites you want to block from that specific device.  If you want to block websites, for Manage All Day, make sure to select Never and only configure the Block Specify Sites. 
Step 6: 
Click the User-added image button to save the changes you made.
NOTE:  To undo or manage all Parental Control settings, you can click either the Manage or Delete buttons in the Manage Device Table.  Before leaving the page, make sure to click Save.

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