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Troubleshooting your VPN connection at home

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an encrypted connection which utilizes VPN tunnels to connect private networks over a public network such as the internet.  Using a VPN connection is the way to go if you want to ensure confidentiality, authentication and data integrity.
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Below are troubleshooting suggestions you can do in situations where you are unable to access external resources even after a VPN connection has been established.

1.  Contact your peers that are also working from home. 

Check if they have the same problem.  Doing this will help you isolate if it is an IT problem or not.  If it is, contact your IT personnel for assistance.  If not, move on to the recommendations below.

2.  Disable your firewalls. 

It is possible that your firewall is preventing you from accessing external resources.  Furthermore, you need to check with IT if your corporate Computer has domain restrictions.  If it does, then this simply means you are restricted from accessing to begin with.

3.  Check your router’s IP address. 

For VPN to work properly, your home network must be completely on a different IP segment from the office network. 

Try using the default IP address 192.168.x.x (avoid the 10.x.x.x segment because this is often used in corporate networks).  This will help prevent any IP conflict within the VPN tunnel.

4.  Make sure that your VPN software is running on Administrator mode. 

Some VPN software require this setting enabled to work properly.  Once you are connected on the VPN tunnel, it creates several routable IP addresses which allow you to access sites that were previously restricted.  By not running on Administrator mode, the VPN software cannot create those routable IP addresses for you. 

5.  Contact your IT Administrator. 

If all these troubleshooting suggestions still do not fix the problem for you, contact your IT Administrator for further assistance.   

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