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Blinking Cable Light on a Cable Modem or Cable Gateway

The Cable Gateway’s Cable LED should stay ON and steady. If the Cable light blinks, it could mean that the Gateway has connectivity issues.

NOTE: Make sure that the coaxial cable coming from the wall jack or splitter where the cable line comes in is firmly attached to the Linksys modem or gateway.

To resolve this, do the following:

1. Registration (provisioning):
Your modem or gateway must be registered/provisionedwith your Cable Internet Service Provider (ISP). To do so, call your ISP and provide them with the hardware MAC address of your modem or gateway. This 12-character MAC address can be found at the label underneath the device. An example MAC address looks like 00-11-22-33-AB-CD (or 00112233ABCD without dashes).

2. Reboot:
After registration/provisioning, reboot the modem or gateway byunplugging the power cord for about 5 seconds and plugging it back in. Then, check if the Cable sync light goes steady after a few seconds.

If the cable line is connected properly and the modem/gateway has been registered, the cable signal coming from your provider may be the problem. Call your cable company and have technicians check the quality of your cable line. 

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